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Livia Morrow

Livia Morrow


Livia is Travis Morrow's wife. Not only is she a full time mom but she works from home taking care of all the marketing and company image decisions for 3 Rivers. She also helps coordinate the company's many events as well as deals in the day to day ongoing financial statements for the firm.

"When people ask me what my wife does for our company I simply tell them that she's the reins keeper. In this fast paced industry there needs to be someone that keeps not just our company's marketing and operational expense decisions in check but also ME in check! I tend to be very, very, tunnel visional and while that is great for our clients and their finances, it's not so great as the one who can decide the direction of where to take our company, in a split second. She's my sounding board and the one who has a bit more reasoning skills because she's not tasked with the day to day office stuff. It actually works out perfectly for us."

Livia grew up on a ranch in Oregon. While attending Walla Walla College, she worked as a CNA in a retirement home, then went to work for a medical billing company in Richland WA. After many years as a stay at home mom, Livia's attention to detail and organization was needed alongside her husband at the company.

When Livia is not taking care of her company's needs, her husband, her home, and her children, she volunteers for various community programs.