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Our Mission

At 3 Rivers Financial Group, we understand the many concerns that individuals and families face as they prepare for retirement, whether that is five or fifteen years away.  Because we are a niche based, specialized practice that ONLY deals in retirement planning, we have learned that a person’s retirement is most affected during the “Retirement Risk Zone”  (5-7 years before retirement and 5-7 years after) our highest priority is to help our clients feel confident about their future while they pursue their vision of a comfortable retirement. Through our comprehensive approach, we develop customized retirement strategies that address clients’ individual needs and goals, both short and long-term.

Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life. Our Mission is simple: To help make that transition more manageable and less stressful by building a personalized, fiduciary driven, ethical, honest, straight-forward, and realistic strategy as well as offering ongoing support, unbiased advice, and objective face to face guidance. Start preparing for tomorrow’s retirement today by contacting us to learn more or to set up a commitment-free introductory meeting.