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Our 3 Phase Process (It's Like A Plane Ride!)

Phase 1 (30,000 Foot View):

We simply listen.

Raise your hand if you have ever met with a broker, banker, etc. and before any advice is given they want you to sign a bunch of documents allowing them to take control of your money! It's not as uncommon as it sounds these days.

Not us. We choose to listen to your concerns, goals, and ideas on what you want your ideal retirement picture to look like for you and your family.

We ask some basic questions to get a sense of what type of investor you are as well as surface risk tolerance scores. Nothing too deep, no paperwork to sign, no money exchanged or transferred.

This is similar to being in a plane at 30,000 feet and looking out the window. What do you see? There's only 3 ways to answer. Water, land, or clouds. You can't describe items on the ground in detail, right? 

Our business is based on Fiduciary standards. This means we need to make sure you are aware of all the details before moving to the next step. We can't do that ethically (nor should we) from 30,000 feet in the air.   

Phase 2 (10,000 Foot View):

We show some initial recommendations (because your plane has engine problems).

Most of our clients have come to us from other advisors. They might be worried about current market conditions or they might not be experiencing the best of service. Whatever the issue, it's similar to a plane having an engine light come on while flying at a cruising altitude of 30,000 plus feet. 

The general rule in aviation is to descend to a lower altitude (we will use 10,000 feet as our example) to safely assess the issue or problem of the plane to determine if it can be fixed or if the plane needs to make an emergency landing. This explanation describes our Phase 2 protocol.

At this point, we have researched your needs, determined your set risk tolerance level, and have begun to map out a timeline of your goals. We have designed income projections and have back tested several of the risks that you may face in the next 20-30 years. We have also concluded whether or not said risks will impact your dream retirement lifestyle and if so, what are choices available to alleviate a negative outcome.

We may have utilized our Advisory team (for alternative research) for their opinion and we have begun to think about whether we are a good fit for you as your long term Adviser and/or whether you are a good fit for us as our niche type of client.

We have not decided just yet as to what specific investments for you to use but we do have what we call a “Sub-Platform” recommendation. This is an overall view, in our opinion, on what types of accounts/platforms to use to reach your stated goals.

We call the above the "10,000 foot view" because if we find an issue with your planes engine we immediately recommend a decent to a safer level/height for a closer look (assessment). If you now look out the window you can see a bit more clearly. You can definitely see land, sea, maybe even some low hanging clouds. At night you can see light shining from car headlights. During daylight you can make out the streets of a town or city. Even the crop circles that farming produces look like very well maintained areas of green, yellow, etc.

However, If you were asked what color the cars are, or what people look like, or the number of windows in a specific building, there would be no way to answer truthfully. You would be guessing and no one wants to guess on what your retirement future will end up looking like given all the risks involved (problems with the plane especially this high up in the air).  

To be able to see those kinds of details you will need to land your plane.

Note that we still have not asked for your money ....

Phase 3 (Landing Your Plane):

Do we have a green light? (Approval to land?)

At this stage we have collectively spent around 8-12 hours on your specific situation. We may have pulled in members of our Advisory, Legal, and/or Tax Teams as well as someone (or 2 or 3) from our Broker Dealer. We have determined that you fit our niche type of client and you are comfortable with us becoming your long term Advisor. We have income projections / programs designed as well as specific investment platforms to show you. We have looked at your tax management levels and are ready to give you concrete advice on what the first step will look like.

We summarize your entire experience with our firm, thus far, like this:

The reason we are on the plane with you in the first place is because we are heading to the same destination. We happened to secure a seat next to you and we introduce ourselves as licensed and experienced Advisors (pilots in our example) and have the knowledge, background, and certifications to prove it. 

While comfortably cruising at 30,000 feet, you lean over and say "Since you are an experienced Advisor (pilot) what's your opinion on my current situation (flight plan, plane, pilots flying the plane)?"

We ask why you are concerned with your current situation and/or what your goal(s) is/are for your retirement (why are you concerned with this plane and it's pilots? What is your goal once you reach your final destination?).

We determine that your current plan (plane) does have some issues (engine problems) and we would recommend taking a closer look (descending to 10,000 feet). You give us permission to do so.

We look at possible solutions (engine fixes) and either state that you are doing just fine where you are at (plane and engines are in good shape and you can continue on your way to your destination with your current plane and pilot) or, we will need to take a different route to reach your goals (You allow us to take control of the plane and then land safely). This may mean using us as your new wealth manager (welcoming you aboard a new plane with us as your new pilot) but we put that decision entirely into your hands by asking if we have a green light to move forward (Do we have approval to land your current plane that has issues and board a new one that doesn't?).

You now have officially become part of our family. You don’t need to call your current broker, banker, etc. (pilot). We take care of all communication and any potential transfers that may need to take place. Your job is to relax and focus on how you would like to spend the next 20-30 years in retirement (sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight).

For those that have a fear of change (flying), we make sure to hold your hand throughout the entire process explaining everything that is taking place along the way (we make sure to pack you an extra set or 3...of parachutes. Just in case!)

Remember our slogan: “We go to WORK, so you can RETIRE!”