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January 18, 2018

February 22, 2018

Meet our team!

Our quarter 1 events will be very unique in that NOTHING will be sold, pitched, or recommended as it pertains to investments or products!

We simply want to have a "Round Table" type conversation where we will explain to you who we are and what makes us a specialist in our field of profession.

If you are within 5-7 years of retiring or have been retired for 5-7 years, this event has been created specifically for you!

A few things we will talk about on our end:

*Why do we state that we are a niche based planning firm and what exactly does that mean?

*What have we learned in the last 20 years in this industry?

*Why those that try a "do it yourself route" or take advice from those that give advice on the radio, may not be in your best interest!

Some things you might ask us:

*What is your process and how much will it cost me?

*Why are YOU different than the "other guys?"

*Why should I trust you with my hard earned retirement money?

We welcome you to bring a guest or two to have an open conversation. This is a casual event. Light refreshments served.

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