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What if there was a way to pay for your Long Term care WITHOUT ever having to buy Long Term Care Insurance?
Sound too good to be true?
That's what we thought when we first heard this question asked by a territory Wholesaler.
What we found, after much research, was that this IS a true statement and IS becoming one of the fastest paths that retirees are taking in the "Self-Funding" method for potential long term care NEEDS.  

Attention 3 Rivers Financial Group clients! This class is an Exclusive Connections qualifier!

First, we aren't saying that you should never buy a long term care insurance policy. For some, this might be a good option for their specific situation. What we ARE saying is that before you run out and spend your hard earned dollars on one of those plans, you may just want to see what other options are available.
The reason we have decided to start educating the public on this subject is that after almost 2 decades in this business, I personally have seen countless mainstream long term care policies either not pay what the client was led to believe the plan would pay, only pay a portion of the benefit that the client has been paying for, and/or simply witness the insurance company deny ALL benefits due to the client because they were able to do some of the DLA's (Daily Living Activites) when the claim was filed. Example: Person can put their socks on but not bathe - DENIED! Person could administer their own medications but not go to the bathroom by themselves - DENIED!
Take this scenario: The average person who starts a long term care policy at age 50, spends $300 per month (for a married couple) over the next 30 years. That's $108,000 spent out of your pocket...then to have that policy not pay or pay a reduced benefit? Doesn't that sound like a wasted investment?
Or, same situation as above but let's say that the client(s) pass away before a claim is even filed? $108,000 thrown into something that you will never see back? Sounds like a casino bet to me.
Let's put aside the money spent on the "What If's" for a minute and look at the statistics.
*The average person who NEEDS some form of long term care benefits is around 50% over the age of 65 but...
*The average length of stay in a facility is less than 36 months
*The percent of those that do go into a facility that end up passing away within that first year, is 35%
*85% of all long term care facility residents are female, age 85
*You will have a 13% chance that you will recover from whatever ailment put you there and be sent back home - and then any LTC benefits will cease
So, let me get this right: If I am age 65, I have a 50/50 chance of needing some form of LTC but if I end up being in the 50% that does, I will only need it for less than 36 months (because I will die)? And because I am in the 50% that (DOES) actually need it, I stand a 35% of being one of the folks that dies in the first year? On top of all that I then have a 13% chance that I will be sent home to deal with any LTC future needs because according to the facility, I am in OK shape to live on my own again?
Oh, I didn't mention that you have over a 75% chance that your Long Term Care PREMIUMS will increase each year to the point where it may become very difficult to afford the premiums in your later years.
As a financial adviser, I just don't like those odds for my clients or their money thus why we have started these classes.
A Properly Structured Self-Funding Platform (called, in simplistic terms: EIA/LTC income Hybrid) may provide you with the following. 
2X or 3X the income that the investment yields on a minimum basis, to be used for Long Term Care NEEDS
Decide where you would like to receive your care. Facility? Fine - At home? Even better
Didn't use the LTC income because you have no need? Wouldn't it be nice to receive ALL your original principal deposit back? NO LOSS OF INITIAL INVESTMENT!
Make a little interest along the way to keep up with inflation
If receiving the income for a qualified LTC event, ability to write some of that income off so you are able to reduce your taxes!
There is VERY limited seating so register now while there are still spots available!

  Where: 3 Rivers Financial Group Kennewick Office
When: Thursday, July 27th
Time: Start time will be 6pm - prompt! 
Outside doors will be locked by 6:10pm!
Call 783-2040 and ask for Tonya for your RSVP seats
Refreshments available