Our Qualifications

For over NINETEEN years, Mr. Morrow has been working with folks who are getting ready to retire, are just retiring, or have been retired for some time. His area of experience includes platforms that are designed not only to grow one's investment portfolio but protect one's income. In his opinion, a "financially sound AND a financially solid income portfolio, is one of the most important vehicles one takes into their retirement years and beyond. It's your financial INDEPENDENCE."

He holds various insurance and securities licenses and offers a variety of investment, insurance, and fee only based platforms and products.

His statement of "We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all our clients. We believe in helping you assess your financial goals and participate in the management of your finances" is something he takes very seriously.

The biggest characteristic that makes Mr. Morrow's firm unique is their niche. He explains it simply as this. "The majority of advisors out there help folk's of all ages. While there is nothing wrong with this, imagine walking into your family doctor's office and asking him or her if they can personally perform your much needed back surgery. I mean, how comfortable would you be having that person, who gives you your annual physical, being allowed to open up your back to dig around your spinal cord to replace a few disks? That's a bit crazy, right? Of course it is! Well, why do so many folks allow a "financial family practitioner" to give them advice on their life's savings that they have worked so very hard to build when in reality that "practitioner" may only know a minor amount about that specialized field? You NEED to find someone who only does what it is you are seeking to have done with your investments. At 3 Rivers, we ONLY do retirement and I think we do it very well."   

Other unique features of 3 Rivers Financial Group are their Advisory teams in Arizona, the extensive support from one of the nations largest Broker Dealers, their ongoing client communication philosophies, and their company events and learning workshops.

"We have a great investment advisory team in Scottsdale, Verus Capital Partners, LLC., that helps with our portfolio construction and income tactics. We also utilize the Wealth Management teams at our Broker Dealer, Securities America, Inc. Both of these organizations have a large staff of traders, Certified Financial Planners, and tax specialists that we can call on when we run into unique situations with our clients. It's nice to know that we are not alone but have a group we can call on at any time. This feature is at our clients disposal, through us, and I know everyone feels that they benefit from having this service in place."

"As far as our contact with our clients go, we love to see them more than just on occasion. Advisor contact (rather, lack of) is the biggest frustration and disappointment that we hear from folks who come in to the office for the first time to check us out. Our view is, if you are a client of ours, you will be serviced. That might be monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or once a year. It is going to depend on a few different factors but it's normally based on what the client wants. Our goal is to give them the BEST service that we can offer. Most often it's leaps above what they have experienced in the years past with other companies and that makes us very proud to be able to offer that level of contact, once they do become an actual client of ours."  

Another feature of 3 Rivers Financial Group are the client social get together's. They are a very important part of the entire client experience.

"I know that some businesses have one or two events each year for their customers. I think the choice to do this is awesome! It shows that those of us who own businesses in our respective communities WANT to give back to those folks who have trusted us and really, without them, we would not be able to stay in business. We like to take it a bit further by having "Private" client events on top of the general events. The "private" get together's might be something like a Valentine's Day Social for our female only clients or we've done a guys only night at our local base ball stadium where we had an all you can eat BBQ and then took in the game in a private section right on the first base line. The main goal with these is to HAVE FUN and do some unique things with our clients to show them that they ARE very much appreciated. One thing we did a few years back was ask clients that came to an event, to bring an item for our local homeless Veteran's groups. Things like this gives all of us a sense of community involvement and allows us to not only make a difference, albeit small, but make that difference while we have fun as a firm.... and really, isn't that what it's all about? Supporting each other especially those that are in need? 

The firm welcomes you to simply stop by or make a call to set up a visit. They assure you that the only goal the first time you meet with them will be to get to know you, while you get to know them. If it feels like everyone is a good fit for each other, they stand by ready to not only give you that much needed 2nd opinion but to serve you and your retirement needs. 


3 Rivers Financial Group is looking forward to using their expertise to help you pursue your financial and income goals.


(Licensed in WA, OR, ID, CO, MT, TX, CA, NV, and AZ)