Our Firm

Mr. Morrow and his staff  are truly committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. He and his team offer a wide range of financial products and services to pre and post retirees. Their approach is methodical and detail oriented and they believe that by taking the time it takes to truly understand what it is you want most from your retirement, you have a greater chance of success both in the short and the long term.  Their recommendations and the steps needed to take to reach your desires come from providing ethical, fiduciary driven, and realistic advice.

Please call if you have any questions about the wide range of financial products and services available.  

Our Associates

Tonya Ness

(Operations / Office Manager)

~ Tonya joined the firm in June 2011. She came from the banking industry with over 14 years experience as a lending supervisor at one of our local credit unions. Her role at 3 Rivers Financial Group consists of managing the day to day operations, client bookings, vendor contacts, transactional intake reporting, as well as new client account finalizations.

"We are very, very fortunate to have found Tonya." Mr. Morrow states. "Office Manager no where near describes the talent of this person thus why she heads up everything operational for our company. She has been the very first assistant I have dealt with, in almost 2 decades in this business, that allows me to do what it is that I am great at. I have 1000% confidence that she can handle any issue or client need that comes through our doors."

More recently, Tonya has expressed an interest in stepping a bit more into the advisement world.

"It's really is exciting to see someone grow and mature in this field and have that passion for what it is I do day in and day out." Mr. Morrow sates.

"Our plan is to slowly introduce her to what the beginnings of that would look like as she starts the long process of obtaining some of the basic licensing requirements for things like initial plan design, tax management tactics, and best practices advisement. I have full confidence that if that is what she would like to do, she will be just as great in that job function, as she is at being our current Op's Manager."

Tonya has been married for over 17 years to Joe and they have a 14 year old son who plays youth football on a national level and who is excited to start high school this year.

Her interests outside the office include gardening, reading, and spending quality time with family.

Livia Morrow

(Marketing Manager / Personal Assistant)

~ Livia is Travis Morrow's wife. Not only is she a full time mom but she works from home taking care of all the marketing and company image decisions for 3 Rivers. She also helps coordinate the company's many events as well as deals in the day to day ongoing financial statements for the firm.

"When people ask me what my wife does for our company I simply tell them that she's the reins keeper. In this fast paced industry there needs to be someone that keeps not just our company's marketing and operational expense decisions in check but also ME in check! I tend to be very, very, tunnel visional and while that is great for our clients and their finances, it's not so great as the one who can decide the direction of where to take our company, in a split second. She's my sounding board and the one who has a bit more reasoning skills because she's not tasked with the day to day office stuff. It actually works out perfectly for us." 

Livia grew up on a ranch in Oregon. While attending Walla Walla College, she worked as a CNA in a retirement home,  then went to work for a medical billing company in Richland WA. After many years as a stay at home mom, Livia's attention to detail and organization was needed alongside her husband at the company. 

When Livia is not taking care of her company's needs, her husband, her home, and her children, she volunteers for various community programs.

Angie Johnston

(Client Relations Manager)

~ Angie is 3 Rivers Financial Group’s newest addition. She joined the firm in April 2017 and brings almost 2 decades of Customer Service, Management, Office, and Small Business Ownership experience to our operations.

Her role at 3 Rivers includes managing client relationships as well as providing support on numerous levels that include: Welcoming the client to the firm, ordinary and selective client service requests, preparation of portfolio review materials, and when needed, providing direct assistance to our Office/Operations Manager. One of the impressive traits about Angie is her drive to not only get things done the correct way (by not taking short cuts) but also the desire to understand the "why" in how the financial markets work. Our clients have mentioned that she goes above and beyond making them feel welcome when they step into our lobby as well as when she calls to simply check up on them. It's very obvious that she is a people person based on her constant positive attitude and big smiles.

She has been married for 19 years to Larry. They have a daughter who is a 2016 UW graduate. Her interests outside the office include her "4 legged pooches - Daisy and Roo", creating masterpieces in her kitchen, and catching up on reading using her kindle.

In such a short time we feel that Angie is a huge asset as well as part of our family and we are confident that you will see what we see when you visit our office.